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Clear PVC Strip Curtains
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Selling PVC Blinds / Plastic Curtains at Cheap Prices

Buy pvc curtains or plastic curtains at the cheapest wholesale prices directly from the largest and most trusted distributors and suppliers for all business and other needs. Plastic curtain is one type of curtain made of PVC which is often used for industrial fields as room coverings or warehouse supplies so as to avoid a variety of dirt or others. In addition to industry, PVC curtains are often also used in supermarkets and minimarkets as a substitute for stock warehouse doors, so that it will facilitate the entry and exit of goods.

Product Specification Clear PVC Strip Curtains

Curtain is a kind of curtain as a partition that is commonly used for separators, it can be between the production section with the stock or another room. Our PVC Plastic Curtains also function as filters or filters from disturbances such as insects etc. but connections between one room and the other can still be transparent visible. In the industrial world, especially in the food, beverage and other consumption industries, also in the manufacturing, assembly industry, requires a device that is very necessary to support cleanliness & quality in the production process.

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