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Tirai Pvc Ribbed Blue Clear ( Tulang )
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Pvc curtain or transparent plastic curtains for warehouses, factories, cold storage, hospitals etc. This plastic curtain some people call it as PVC curtain for the width size of this plastic curtain can vary
ranging in width from 20 cm to 120 cm can be adjusted to the needs of this plastic curtain. So when you want 50 cm wide without any cuts you can.
does not have to be all 20 cm wide.

Product Specification Clear Blue Ribbed Pvc Curtain (Bones)

Curtain PVC with a unique double-layered rib-like model, useful to prevent scratches in the distribution traffic from trucks and forklifts, in addition to preventing the emergence of liquid impurities such as fatty oil. This unique rib design keeps the PVC strip clean and keeps it durable.

Size: 2mm X 20cm X 50 meters
       3mm X 30cm X 50 meters.

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