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Teflon Bronze Strip
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11 Feb 2020
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Strip PTFE bronze Sliding speed [m / s] 15 Temperature [C] -60 ... + 260 Pressure Pr: N / mm (Max) 15 @ 25 C 12 @ 80 C 8 @ 120 C Medium based on mineral oil hydraulic fluid, hydraulic fluid is almost on fire, water, air and others. Bronze material filled with PTFE color, brown, green, gray green Strcture on smooth, empaistic or embossed surfaces, tea drop, chamfer edges etc. Wear cut rings / guide rings to customer size and specifications Advantages 1. Suitable for dry use (depending on load) . 2. Excellent temperature resistance. 3. Compatible with most fluids in contact. 4. Easy assembly, low coefficient of friction. Applications of hydraulic cylnders, pneumatics, injection molding presses The function of the PTFE BRONZE Strip Wear Ring is to help keep the piston centralized, which allows even for wear and pressure distribution on the seal.

Product Specification Teflon Bronze Strip

Bronze PTFE Strips
Teflon Bronze PTFE Strips Roll (Teflon Brown List Rolls) Lines are majorly used in industrial applications such as where general purpose thermoplastic strips do not serve purposes. This PTFE Line is made from excellent quality Teflon material. Available in various sizes and dimensions, the PTFE Line route is used in the food processing, chemical and glass manufacturing industries. We offer this PTFE Line in suitable packaging according to client requirements.

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- High grade Teflon used as raw material.
- Available in various dimensions.
- high strength.
- Market leading prices.

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