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Carbon Brush
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07 Feb 2020

Specification of

Carbon Brush / Charcoal for motorcycles or universal type machines, is a spare part that functions to flow electric current from the stationary or static motor parts (stator) to the moving motor parts (rotor / armature / armature).

A Carbon brush is usually connected by a spring, cable, or other connector to ensure that the carbon brush continues to stick to or touch the surface of the rotating part without a break in electricity so that the equipment can continue to spin and work. And the electricity supply is done through an electric or copper cable that is connected to the core of the carbon brush.

The reason for choosing carbon brushes is because these components are capable of delivering electricity without causing damage to the conductor itself. Carbon does not melt from sparks as it rotates around contacting electrical surfaces. However, because it is made of carbon and receives friction continuously, resulting in carbon brushes become worn and require replacement.

Carbon Brush Specifications

Carbon Brush is an object that is a conductor of electricity that physically resembles black charcoal, Carbon Brush is generally small in size used as a connector for the flow of electricity from the source to an electric motor, all electric motors use this object as an electrical connection to the existing winding / spull on the rotor so it can spin.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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