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Specifications Resin Sheets

Application: Insulator, Winding Wire Insulation Coating, Electric Base, Shell, motor. Type: Insulation Sheet Chemistry: Organic Insulation Material: Thermal Fiberglass Rating: F 155 Maximum voltage:> 100kV Classification: Organic Insulation Material Product Description Application: High G11 performance for your very stringent requests. Has a Comparison of Tracking Index (CTI) of 600V, halogen-free, and Flame-resistance, H-class heat-resistant, widely used in harsh conditions (high humidity, dusty, dirty). Advantages: - Temperature Index: 180C - Tracking Index (CTI) 600V - Halogen free - Fire - resistance - H - class heat resistance. Color: Yellow Thickness: 0.5mm - 50mm Size: 100cm X 200cm.

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