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Green Resin
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08 Feb 2020
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Polyester resins, fiberglass resins or ship resins are widely marketed worldwide, especially in Indonesia with different colors such as red, yellowish white and green which will look a little transparent when applied in relatively thin layers. The use of polyester resin is estimated to be around 70% in all uses of all types of resin throughout the world. This resin hardening process will begin after being mixed evenly with the catalyst which is usually sold in a package with polyester resin. The disadvantage of this resin is that it will not be strong if it is only used for thin layers but requires other materials such as talc (similar to baby powder) and glass fiber (fiberglass mat) because without these additives the polyester resin layer will only easily crack or peel.

Another characteristic of polyester resins is the surface finish which remains sticky in the open air because it is specially designed to strengthen bonding with subsequent layers.

Green Resin Specifications

Yellow Epoxy Resin Fiberglass Sheet (Sheet) Application: Insulator, Winding Wire Coating Insulation, Electric Base, Shell, motor. Type: Insulation Sheet Chemistry: Organic Insulation Material: Thermal Fiberglass Rating: F 155 Maximum voltage:> 100kV Classification: Organic Insulation Material Product Description Application: High G11 performance for your very stringent requests. Has a Comparison of Tracking Index (CTI) of 600V, halogen-free, and Flame-resistance, H-class heat-resistant, widely used in harsh conditions (high humidity, dusty, dirty). Advantages: - Temperature Index: 180C - Tracking Index (CTI) 600V - Halogen free - Fire - resistance - H - class heat resistance. Color: Yellow Thickness: 0.5mm - 50mm Size: 100cm X 200cm.

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