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Pvc Curtain Super Polar
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Specification of

PVC Strip Curtain is a plastic curtain that is flexible and semi-transparent. Our PVC is suitable for use in a variety of applications such as: Industrial, Food Stores, Hospitality, Cold Storage, Box Cars, Cooling Trucks, Hospitals, Malls, To Residential. Properties of PVC Material As an insulator and non-flammable, making it the top choice for use in welding room partitions, production rooms or cooling rooms.

Types of Pvc Curtain that we supply:

- PVC Curtain Yellow / Orange Anti Insect
- PVC Curtain Double Ribbed Yellow Anti Insect
- PVC Curtain Welding Green (Anti UVT)
- PVC Curtain Non Transparent (Opaque Color)
- PVC Curtain Semi Opaque Blue
- PVC Curtain Aztec Red
- PVC Curtain Low Temp Transparent Red
- PVC Curtain Natural Clear
- PVC Curtain Standard Clear
- PVC Curtain Super Polar Clear - Low Temperature
- And others.

Product Specification Super Polar Pvc Curtain

- For interior applications
- Recommended for cooling / freezing applications and USDA checked
- Remains flexible in temperatures as low as -60 ° C

Available in Width and Thickness (150mm x3mm), (200mm x2mm) (200mm x3mm), (300mm x3mm).

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