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Pvc Curtain Ribbed Clear ( Tulang )
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Specification of

Curtain or curtain made of flexible and thin PVC material, used in production sites / factories including: to prevent the entry of insects into the production room, as a barrier between rooms, can also be used to maintain room temperature. According to its function, PVC Curtain products are grouped as follows:
- Curtain PVC Plane Grade Normal.
- PVC Curtain Polar (Freezer Grade).
- Curtain PCV Amber (Anti Insect).
- PVC Anti Static Curtain.
- Ribbed PVC Double Curtain.
- Curtain PVC for Welding.

Product Specification Ribbed Clear Pvc Curtain (Bone)

Double Ribbed Clear
- High flexibility and transparency
- Our most versatile material
- Will not change color in the sun
- Formulated for normal applications such as indoor / outdoor partitions
- Works at standard temperatures of 5 / -15 ° C

Available in Width and Thickness (200mm x 2mm), (300mm x3mm).

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