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Pvc Curtain Orange Anti Insert
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Sell Pvc Curtain Orange Anti Insert

Specification of Pvc Curtain Orange Anti Insert

Selling PVC Plastic Strip Curtain for cold room (cold storage) doors. Its function is to help prevent cold air from cold room / cold storage so that it does not come out. Orange Plastic Strip Curtain has a feature made of ANTI INSECT.

We also sell products related to ac spare parts, refrigerators, and cooling machines such as ac pipe sets, copper pipes, compressors, thermostats, condenser fan motors / condenser fan motors, manifolds, capacitors, tools welding, freon, handle and hinge, refrigerator freezer, coldroom chiller, plastic curtain door coldroom / PVC plastic curtain and so on.

Product Specification Orange Anti Insert Pvc Curtain

Yellow / Orange - Anti-insect

- Special ability to keep insects away from the tropics.
- Formulated for normal applications such as indoor / outdoor partitions.
- Works at standard temperatures of -15 ° C.

Available in Width and Thickness (200mm x2mm), (300mm x2mm), (300mm x2mm).

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