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Pvc Curtain Orange Anti Insert
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07 Oct 2019
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Selling PVC Plastic Strip Curtain for cold room (cold storage) doors. Its function is to help prevent cold air from cold room / cold storage so that it does not come out. Orange Plastic Strip Curtain has a feature made of ANTI INSECT.

We also sell products related to ac spare parts, refrigerators, and cooling machines such as ac pipe sets, copper pipes, compressors, thermostats, condenser fan motors / condenser fan motors, manifolds, capacitors, tools welding, freon, handle and hinge, refrigerator freezer, coldroom chiller, plastic curtain door coldroom / PVC plastic curtain and so on.

Product Specification Orange Anti Insert Pvc Curtain

Yellow / Orange - Anti-insect

- Special ability to keep insects away from the tropics.
- Formulated for normal applications such as indoor / outdoor partitions.
- Works at standard temperatures of -15 ° C.

Available in Width and Thickness (200mm x2mm), (300mm x2mm), (300mm x2mm).

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :

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