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PVC Blue Clear
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Blue Clear PVC Specifications

PVC Blue Clear The use of PVC curtain or plastic tape is often used in supermarkets as a substitute for doors so that heavy equipment such as forklifts easily pass through the door. besides the strip curtain is also often used in buildings or malls as a barrier to hot air to enter when passed by people. By using strip curtains, it will reduce operational costs and maximize operational productivity. to get a quality pvc strip curtain in addition to its thickness and flexibility, it can also be adjusted to a color that matches the interior. make sure only in places that sell quality pvc strip curtain at the best price in your city. Curtain is a kind of curtain as a screen that is used to separate, can be between the production with the stock or other space. Our PVC Plastic Curtains also function as filters or filters from disturbances such as insects etc. but connections between one room and the other can still be transparent visible. In the industrial world, especially in the food, beverage and other consumption industries, also in the manufacturing, assembly industry, requires a device that is very necessary to support cleanliness & quality in the production process.

The basic functions of blue clear PVC are suitable for use as:
- Flexible door.
- Room dividers are flexible.
- Retaining room temperature.
- Noise reduction.
- Dust and odor barrier.
- windbreak.
- Air humidity guard.

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