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Specification of POLYURETHANE sheet

History Polyurethane was originally created to replace rubber and other materials that will be increasingly difficult and rare to find. Polyurethane can be found in various forms, such as hard foams, flexible foams, anti-chemical coatings, adhesives, and insulation, and elastomers. This material has a function as a material for temperature insulation and has advantages as a sound absorbent material, lightweight and as a rigrid as a construction material.

At this time Polyurethane has been produced and used on an industrial scale. Its use can be formulated with certain needs. Polyurethane can be used as coatings and adhesives, elastomers, and hard or flexible foams for pillows.

POLYURETHANE sheet specifications

Polyurethane Sheets that can be changed into many types of material. In general, PU is durable and elastic and shows a high level of resistance to destruction. PU Polyurethane Sheets have high elasticity and high bearing load. PU is resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

There are many advantages possessed by Polyurethane as a basic material for industrial parts. Here are some of the Advantages of Polyurethane:

1. Its liquid form makes it easy to implement.
2. The violence is very diverse, from shore A to shore D. So 3. there are choices that can be adjusted to the needs of the violence.
4. Material that is very very resistant to wear, so that it can make it more durable.
5. mMaterial is very resistant to punch so it is very strong and not easily damaged

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