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Specification of Novotex

Novotex / Pertinax - This material is made by lamination and impregnation in layers, then formed using heat pressure. Novotex from chemicals, Pertinax from paper materials. The laminated material is resistant to vibration, heat, pressure and chemical causes of corrosion.

Application: (Pertinax) its dielectric properties make it a good solator material, which can be used in transformer and PCB applications. (Novotex) has good mechanical strength, suitable for the use of mechanical components replacing MC Nylon, UHMW-PE, etc.

Novotex Specifications

Novotek is one type of electrical accessories that has many electrical and electronic applications. Novotek is designed from paper and solid materials that are made by applying heat and pressure to the paper layer or fabric that is impregnated with kinetic resin.

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