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Klingersil C 8200
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Specification of

Specifications of Klingersil C 8200

KLINGERsil C-8200 Special class based on a unique mixture with an acid binder. Specifically designed for aggressive chemical environments. The Klinger group has been recognized as a market leader in gaskets and sealing for more than assets. Our research and development laboratory has investigated more than 250 different forms of fiber in alternative free asbestos research. The search has produced a variety of high-quality and high-performance ingredients that have been proven in service.

klinger C 8200 Premium packing has high pressure for the use of organic and inorganic acids. • Resistance to various Glass fiber media specially bonded with elastomeric acid Temperature: 2000C Pressure: 60kg Size: 1500mm x 2000mm. Thickness: 1mm - 3mm.

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