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Specification of PVC WELD WIRE

Product Specification PVC WELD WIRE

PVC welding wire and pvc sheet are materials used for fabrication of pvc products (such as chemical tanks etc.), which need to be considered and very important is that the welding wire and plastic sheet must be chemically identical material. For example, although it is possible to weld between homopolymer polypropylene and polypropylene random block copolymer, the strength of the welds is significantly reduced. Although many thermoplastics can be welded with this technique, in general, the type that is often used is plastic type: PVC (polyvinylchloride) PP (polypropylene) ), PE (polyethylene), and some fluoropolymer groups such as PVDF, ECTFE.

A. Types of Welding Wire

Based on the Protective Membrane, Electrodes Are Separated Into Two Kinds, Namely:
- plain electrode.
- webbed electrodes.

B. Function of Welding Wire

that is used for joining steel that is not the same type. This eletrode has excellent crack resistance and is very suitable for connecting steel that is difficult to weld and as a dense buffer layer for steel that is very sensitive to cracking, or as a foundation before hard facing welding is carried out.

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