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 Cement Canvas
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Specification of Cement Canvas

Canvas Polyester Cement Sheet White Canvas Cement roll We are a professional manufacturer of canvas / fabric air slide. Air sliding canvas is made from a special technique of yarn by a special weave. Adequate strength, thickness, tightness and perfect dimensional stability, this product enjoys good fame both at home and abroad. The air-sliding chamber consists of a rectangle separated by a permeable cloth. Space tends to be at very slight angles (as low as 1.5 °). The compressed air is injected into the lower chamber which then penetrates through the media and "fluidises" the product. The product then behaves like a liquid and "flows" down the length of the room. Excess air is discharged into the dust collector. water shear cloth Used to transport solids at high flow rates over long distances. Slide air provides an efficient, low energy system with minimum maintenance. They are available with several inlets and several outlets using integrated valve segments. Slide the air conveyer using the power of gravity to do most of the work without moving parts. Material is fluidized through porous media with low air pressure. Material flow is achieved by tilting the airslide conveyor to match the geming angle of the fluidized powder material. At the correct slope, fluidized material flows with a liquid consistency. Airslide air gravity systems provide highcapacity material handling while offering many economic and environmental benefits. Energy requirements are minimal because only a small volume of air at low pressure is needed to move the material. Because the system is installed overhead, valuable floor space and added headroom available for other purposes. By eliminating the need for large support members, it allows plant design flexibility not available with straight-line conveyors. The airslide conveyor is dust-tight. As a result, this system is very environmentally friendly. 1. Description: 1) clear blood vessels, smooth surface, stable size, no deformation 2) Super air permeability, even airflow, stable 3) heat resistance, abrison resistance, corrosion resisrance 4) low energy dissipation, long life, repair free 5) OEM order support 6) MOQ: 1m2 2. Advantages in the cement industry: Features: smooth surface with super function, delaminating resistance, super air permeability, even and stable, high temperature resistance, abrison resistance, low moisture resistance, low back dust, easy assamble, long service life, super replacement for multi-layer canvas and porous ceramic plates.

Function for coating:
- Weather resistant.
- Patching leaks.
- Plastering.
- Adhesive.
- Strengthens concrete.
- Glue ceramic.
- Withstand water catchment.

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