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 Teflon fabric
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Specification of Teflon fabric

Teflon sheet (Teflon fabric) is one of the fabric that has a high resistance to heat for use on t-shirts or cloth that you want to press so it is not flammable. This Teflon fabric is coated with fiberglass, heat-resistant insulation consisting of woven fiberglass with Teflon fabric in its upper layer.

This material is a good insulator with a good non-stick surface. This fabric has the following characteristics: good insulator, non-sticky surface, and can be applied to any type of material because it has been added with a one-sided adhesive.

Advantages If you use Teflon Fabric:

1. Heat resistant to temperatures of 1300 degrees Celsius. Other products only have a maximum of 300 degrees.
2. Made of imported Teflon fabric fiber quality so it is more durable and not easily damaged.
3. Stably deliver temperature from a heat source (press machine).
4. Can be cleaned and used repeatedly.
5. Make the press results better and smoother.
6. Teflon Fabric Specifications.

Available in fabric and tape form, with or without adhesive. This material is a good insulator with a very good non-stick surface. Coupled with one-sided adhesive, this material can be stuck on any surface, acting as an insulator for the surface. Plastic basket.

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