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Gland Packing Garlock 5100
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23 Apr 2020
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Specification of

Product Specification Garlock 5100 Gland Packing
GFO Packing Gland

Braid compression packs made from 100% GFO fiber provide consistently very high performance in a variety of applications »Unlike other PTFE / graphite packaging, only packaging made with GFO fiber, with a history of 20 years free from trouble-free performance, yields a guaranteed level unmatched confidence and handling »As a proud member of Seal of Assurance, Garlock produces Style 5100 with standards that demand operations to benefit from reducing maintenance and inventory costs» Style 5100 is not contaminated so it won't pollute the final product »Remember, if it doesn't say 100% GFO® on the package, then it's not the original GFO.

Source of packing is a trusted distributor by providing quality goods and prices.

Packing sources accept orders from all major cities in Indonesia, such as Bali, Central Java, Jabotabek and other large cities.

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