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Gland Packing Garlock 1303 FEB
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Specification of Gland Packing Garlock 1303 FEB

Garlock Packing

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Product Specification Gland Packing Garlock 1303 FEB
GFO Packing Gland

Garlock 1303-FEP
Garlock Style 1303-FEP joins low emission performance, engineering sets with flexibility, and convenience that accompany spool stock compression packaging.

GRAPH-LOCK® flexible graphite construction and high purity and 0.004 "INCONEL filament, Temperature -328 ° F (-200 ° C) to 850 ° F (455 ° C), atmosphere; up to 1,200 ° F (650 ° C), steam PH range 0-14 (except strong oxidizers), pressure to 4,500 psi (310 bar).

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