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Gland Packing Fiberglass
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13 Feb 2020
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Selling various types of product Gland Packing Roll ASBESTOS / NON ASBESTOS Gland Packing GFO, Aramid Gland Packing, Aramid Fiber Gland Packing, PTFE Pure Teflon Gland Packing, Pure Graphite Gland Packing, Pure Graphite Gland Packing, Gland Packing Chesterton, Gland Packing Klinger, Gland Packing Gland Valqua Packing, Gland Packing Rames, Fiberglass Rope Gland Packing, and Others.

Specifications gland packing fiberglass
Asbestos Gland Packing

gland packing fiberglass economical packaging for stated application limits ZD-P1620A is required with white vaseline, and is suitable for rotating pumps, reciprocals, agitators etc. with water, sea water, alcohol etc.

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