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Gland Packing Chesterton 1727
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Specification of Gland Packing Chesterton 1727

Specification of Chesterton Gland Packing 1727
Gland Graphite Packing

Chesterton 1727
Packing of Multi-Lon ™ Pumps
1727 Multi-Lon Chesterton is a synthetic packaging for general service pumps
application. The Multi-Lon consists of interbraided, continuous, synthetic thermosets
The fiber is immunized with PTFE lubricants and special silicone-free sacrifices
lubricant. Unlike many synthetic threads, it does not cause severe scores. 1727 do it
does not cause electrolyte holes such as carbon or graphite thread. It doesn't have that either
limited shaft speed or extension / extrusion problems are often associated
with PTFE fiber yarn.

With sales and service locations more than 100 countries Chesterton is known as a hands-on expert partner to improve their customers' reliability and productivity and to improve their business performance and competitive advantage.

Our products have proven their quality and excellence so that they can be relied on for your industry. For detailed information please contact us or just consult about Gland Packing products.

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