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Gland Packing Chesterton 1622
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Selling Chesterton Gland Packing Products from Packing Sources. Sumber Packing sells Chestland Gland Packing products and also PVC Blinds, Tombo Gaskets, Teflon Sheets, PVC Curtain, Rockwool, PVC Plastic Curtains. For supply and demand, you can click on the quote request button.

Product Specification Chesterton Gland packing 1622
Graphite Packing Gland

Chesterton 1622
Low E Control Packing for Block Valves
Chesterton 1622 Low E Packing is designed to minimize valve emissions
and exceed current emission requirements for refineries, petrochemicals and the chemical industry. 1622 has received the National Pollution Prevention Roundtable MVP2 and Vaaler Award for emissions and pollution reduction technologies. Guaranteed to cover less than 100 ppm for 5 years per EPA method 21,1622

Technical data
Inconel® reinforced material, special flexible graphite packaging
inhibiting agent
Applications Light and heavy hydrocarbons, VOC, VHAP, steam, and most
non-oxidizing chemicals
Pressure Limit 345 bar g (5000 psig)
Temperature limit Maximum vapor 650 ° C (1200 ° F), oxidizing atmosphere 450 ° C (850 ° F)
Chemical Resistance pH 0-14 except in strong oxidizing agents

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