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Gland Packing Chesterton 1600
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Specification of

Graphite packing gland

Chesterton 1600 Mill thermoset fiber packaging provides outstanding heat resistance while maintaining excellent leak control and reducing power consumption. Rugged, easy to use, thermoset fiber control leaks packaging effectively, while it's good for the shaft. 1600 Mill Pack provides high reliability in the most demanding applications. It is resistant to heat and will not glaze like general paper mill packaging, even at high shaft speeds.

Features & Benefits:

 > Easy and fast break in
 > Abrasion resistant while non-scoring
 > Strong chemical resistance
 > Excellent heat resistance

Product Specification Chesterton Gland Packing 1600
Graphite Packing Gland

Chesterton 1600
Advanced Boned Exfoliation Graphite Packing
Packing of Inconel wire mesh graphite with inhibiting material
for multi-service performance.

■ Extreme high pressure capability
■ Stay flexible in service
■ Outstanding seals in many services

Technical data
> Inconel material of wire-reinforced flexible graphite packaging.
> Applications Blocking valves, as end rings on control valves, motor-operated valves, and soot.
> Pressure Limit 580 bar g (8400 psig).
> Temperature limits 650 ° C (1200 ° F) vapor, 455 ° C (850 ° F) oxidizing environment.
> Chemical Resistance pH 0-14 except in strong oxidizing agents.

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