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Gasket Rubber
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09 Feb 2020
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Specification of

Gasket Rubber specifications

RUBBER GASKET Rubber gasket / rubber gasket is a seal that has a very important function in an engine system because the rubber gasket is especially designed to be very fitting to be installed between 2 engine parts. The position of the rubber gasket or rubber gasket is pressed between 2 objects so that very small gaps will be closed or filled and form a seal.

  The main function of a gasket / rubber gasket is to stop gas or liquid leakage because the gasket creates a barrier layer between two surfaces. This gasket seal prevents liquids, gases, dirt from entering the gap between the components. The stronger the pressure on the seal, the rubber gasket / rubber gasket will work better. The lack of pressure on the seal will make the gasket come loose and contaminants can enter.

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