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Gasket Klingersil C 4400
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Product Specification Klingersil C 4400 Gasket

KLINGERsil C-4400High quality non-asbestos based on vegetable fiber with nitrile rubber binder. General purpose material for many industrial sealing applications. The Klinger group has been recognized as a market leader in gaskets and sealing for more than a century. Our research and development laboratory has investigated more than 250 different forms of fiber in research for alternative asbestos-free. The search has produced a series of high quality and high-performance asbestos-free ingredients that have been proven in service. General Properties. Good resistance to oil, fuel, hydrocarbons. Good creep resistance and certification.

Temperature: 400 C

Pressure: 100kg

Size: 1500 mm x 2000 mm

Thickness: 1mm - 3mm

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