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Specification of Ebonite

Ebonite Rubber

Ebonite rubber is a type of synthetic rubber that is very hard and is produced through formulations with the main raw material of rubber along with other chemical fillers which are then subjected to vulcanization or heating. But the results of this ebonite product must be distinguished from rubber that has hardened due to oxidation or has been damaged due to the age of rubber products that have been long. With these characteristics, ebonite has been widely used in many ways, including electrical insulation materials, engineering equipment, household appliances, rubber wheels, bowling balls, and others.

Ebonite Specifications

EBONITE is a Phenolic / Ebonite SHEET which is a hard and solid material made by applying heat and pressure to a layer of paper or fabric that is impregnated with synthetic resin. Phenolic / ebonite is an excellent insulator and is used in a variety of electrical and mechanical applications.

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